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The Advantages of a Third Party Service

Due to the hit of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare providers are facing financial issues. In fact, many have been affected by shrinking margins and dried up revenue streams from delaying procedures and shifting their focus toward the virus. However, third-party equipment service partners offer a desirable proposition for significant

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Is Refurbished Imaging Equipment Right for You?

The demand to either replace old or purchase new MRI or CT machines have skyrocketed in the past few years; as a result of the increase in the number of patients who want to undergo imaging for one reason or the other.  The question you might ask is whether refurbished

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3 C-Arm Demands You Must Make

Even if you’ve done your homework — researched the top models, crunched the numbers, interviewed distributors, and more — getting a new C-Arm for your practice is still enough to give you butterflies. It is, after all, quite a commitment of time, money, and resources. Which is why you have

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Is Refurbished Imaging Equipment A Good Investment?

If you are reading this post then it is likely that you are in the market to replace your old or outdated imaging machines that are broken down or no longer meet accreditation standards or the changing demand of your customers. If this is true, you might want to know

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The Global DEXA Market for Bone Densitometers

Good things continue to come to the bone densitometer market, driven by the success and growing popularity of DEXA machines. The global DEXA market for bone densitometers is expected to reach $1.2 billion by 2024. Such a forecast puts it at a market growth of 4.7% compound annual growth rate (CAGR),

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Dealing with Physician Burnout

Many physicians today feel as though they are under assault by a healthcare system that prioritizes finances over their personal care — even over patient care. It’s a continual barrage that has seen dissatisfaction within the medical profession skyrocket, sometimes with tragic results. We compiled the following information to help physicians

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4 Reasons Your Future Might Include a New C-Arm

With their growing applicability, C-Arms are poised to become an even more prominent healthcare tool in the coming years. So much so that your practice might very well be in the market for either a new one or another one sooner than you think. Not sure about that? We are.

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Most Accurate Method of Measuring Body Fat

It’s a common enough riddle that you likely know the answer immediately: Q. What do people make that you can’t see? A. Noise. It’s clever, though not entirely accurate. That’s because there is something else people make all the time that we can’t see: visceral fat. What is the most

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Best Physician Specialties for Work-Life Balance

Like members of every other profession, physicians are not immune to bad days at work caused by demanding employers, frustrating colleagues, and aggravating administrative requirements. That doesn’t mean, however, that there’s little happiness to be found among physicians. In fact, a recent study identified some very happy doctors — and the

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5 Tips When Buying a Refurbished C-Arm

If you’re buying a refurbished C-Arm, new car, or even a lawnmower, understanding various sales terms is a crucial part of the process. At iRad, we sell new and refurbished C-Arms. Often, we recognize refurbished C-Arms to offer terrific value based on your needs. But perhaps you’re undecided on whether

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