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Operators using a veterinarian CT scanner may require specialized training and animal diagnostic protocols. There are also structural and performance differences between human CT scanners and those used for veterinary applications.

These differences primarily include:

  • Gantry bore size (opening for the animal)
  • Weight limit

A vet-friendly CT scanner also has the infrastructure and accessories necessary for a wide range of animal imaging. For instance, the requirements for immobilizing and scanning a horse will be different than a cat.

Dog in Veterinarian CT scanner


Veterinarian CT
X-Ray systems for designed by Veterinarians for Veterinarians

InnoVet systems are used worldwide in various animal care facilities including General Practices, Specialty Hospitals, 24-hour Emergency Hospitals, Humane Societies, Zoos, Military VTF’s, and Vet colleges. Many Veterinary schools train their students on InnoVet systems because of their ease of use and durability. These systems are reliable and cost effective for any type of vet practice.

Veterinarian CT
FUJI FDR Cross C-Arm & X-Ray Combined

The FDR Cross offers portable battery operated imaging with a combination of an X-Ray and C-Arm for versatile on the go ease of imaging. Weighing less than 600lbs, large rolling wheels, 8 hours of battery life, touchscreen monitors and a large range of motion to provide imaging on any type of animal.

Veterinarian CT
Companion Pet, Equine or Farm Vet Ultrasound

No matter the types of animals your practice sees on a daily basis the Mindray Vet Ultrasound line has everything you need to ensure proper imaging for the right type of patient. With specialized probes, imaging software configurations and proper training for our clients, the team at iSG will ensure seamless installation of any imaging equipment for your clinic.

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Veterinarian CT

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