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Oasis Open MRI

High-Field True Open MRI

Velocity does it all: Fast exams, high quality images, and a seamless and smooth workflow, all from the patient-preferred True Open MRI. Oasis Velocity is about providing the optimal combination of patient-centric care and clinical performance. With an unobstructed viewing angle, it is built to handle any situation.

Echelon Oval 1.5T

The Widest Wide Bore

Designed around the shape of the body to accommodate the broadest patient spectrum, Echelon Oval embodies our innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to patient comfort without compromising image quality.
Echelon Oval boasts the widest bore available (74cm) with the widest patient table (63cm) for maximum patient comfort. Feet-first imaging for every exam further makes anxious patients more at ease.
Oval’s RF receiver system manages multiple coil connection points on the table. The WIT receiver coil system provides integrated coil arrays that can be used individually or in combination with other WIT coils to give the operator maximum flexibility for positioning patients of all sizes.

MR Echelon Oval Product Tour

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Get pricing & expert advice at no cost.