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Fujifilm C-arm - The Persona CS

Fujifilm’s Persona CS is the latest C-arm from the leading provider of diagnostic imaging. Featuring state-of-the-art equipment, it provides:

A powerful 5kW onboard generator that provides high-quality imaging.

Compact design for optimizing space.

Lightweight design for easy, convenient maneuverability.

Flat panel, high-quality, adjustable display units for maximum precision.

Multi-touch operator console for optimized control.

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A C-arm is an imaging scanner intensifier. The name derives from the C-shaped arm used to connect the x-ray source and x-ray detector to one another. It allows physicians to imaging during surgical, orthopedic and emergency care procedures. Common brands include FUJI Persona C, OEC 9600, OEC 9800, OEC 9900, Siemens Arcadia, Philips Pulsera.

The best way to extend the life of any imaging equipment is to have an annual preventative maintenance (PM) performed. Preventative maintenance ensures that the system is calibrated to proper Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Second, keep the equipment plugged into a consistent power source, with a proper power conditioner, this will ensure that the power is monitored properly and that power surges do not hit the equipment. Third, ensure that the monitors are put in sleep mode when the system is not in use so that the screen does not have an image burn. These three simple things can help extend the life of the C-arm.

Over the last 2-3 years the imaging technology used in C-Arms has changed significantly with the adoption of flat panel instead of image intensifier and touch screen monitors. The purchase of a new C-arm provides you with the newest technology on the market.
When buying used or refurbished It is important to look at the Image Quality of the system you are purchasing. We have seen new C-Arms with terrible image quality, and we have seen C-Arms manufactured in 2001 with incredible image quality. A lot has to do with the software version the system is operating, many refurbished systems do not have updated software. It is important to make sure that when purchasing refurbished C-Arm that the software has been updated as well.

With such a significant investment for your practice we highly recommend purchasing new equipment. You will be receiving manufacturer support, quick response, the newest technology and the ability to integrate into newer reading software programs as well. All vital in streamlining workflow and improving patient diagnostics.

In short, the Fuji Persona C, outperforms the GE OEC One in every category. It has a 5kW Generator, with 50mA Pulsed Fluoroscopy, Rotating Anode, and a 21cm Cesium Iodide Flat Panel Detector. The OEC One is significantly underpowered compared to the Fuji Persona C, with only a 2.5kW generator, Stationary Anode.
The Zheim Solo FD C-arm has a 2.4kW Generator, Stationary Anode and a smaller flat panel detector. While the Ziehm C-arm is a reliable piece of equipment and a fine option, we recommend the Fuji C-arm overall. It’s incredibly intuitive response to operator’s feel makes it the most reliable and precise C-arm available. The Fuji C-arm is exceptionally versatile, easy to use and move, and comfortable for patients.
There really isn’t any way to tell how long a tube will last, there are many variables that go into the life of the tube. The most obvious way to tell is to look at the system’s number of hours in use. In a lighter used system, a tube may last years, in a heavily used system it may only last 3-4 years. The best way to ensure that a tube lasts as long as possible is to follow the steps in Question #2 regarding how to extend the life of my C-arm.

Price varies based upon manufacturer and model and options most new C-arms that are good functioning workhorses in the field cost $110,000 to $150,000 with a one-year warranty. Refurbished systems cost approximately $75,000-$90,000 with a shorter warranty provided by a third-party service company. Where parts may not always be available and Field Engineers may have to travel a great distance to service your equipment, extending your possible downtime.

The most expensive plan would be a full parts and labor warranty for a C-arm on average the cost is between $12,000-$15,000 annually. Other options, including parts or labor only are available and a plan that specifically meets your needs can be created.

Typically, a C-Arm weighs approximately 700-900lbs. While this does seem heavy to move, the Fuji C-Arm has been designed to move easily with little to no resistance. Regarding room readiness, most office structures have been designed initially to withstand this amount of weight without issue. In preparation for room readiness most rooms will need to be reviewed by a physicist for radiation protection and a plan to line the walls with lead, if not previously used with a C-Arm in the past.

A larger area would accommodate ease of use and movement of the C-arm, but at a minimum you will need a 10ft x 12ft room to operate a C-arm. You should have just enough room to maneuver the C-arm and access the patient.
With a rotating anode and flat panel detector the Fuji Persona C-Arm is a leader in the industry with dose reduction. With a rotating anode you will receive longer exposure time with less radiation, and less heat in the room. Radiation exposure to staff involved in fluoroscopy procedures arises from two main sources- “scattered” radiation from the patient and “leakage” radiation from the x-ray tube. Regulations are in place that limit the amount of leakage radiation an x-ray tube can emit, and all x-ray tubes must meet that limit when they are manufactured. Of the two sources of exposure, it is the scattered radiation that varies considerably and is the higher contribution of exposure to the fluoroscopy staff. Protective coverings including leaded aprons, thyroid collars, and lead eyewear are important in reducing the scattered and leakage radiation to very low levels. As a final precaution wearing a personnel monitoring badge under the lead apron helps to monitor the monthly dose of radiation to the technicians.

C-arms are commonly used for studies requiring the maximum positional flexibility such as:

  • Angiography studies (peripheral, central and cerebral)
  • Therapeutic studies (Line placements, transjugular biopsies, TIPS stent, embolization)
  • Cardiac studies
  • Orthopedic procedures

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