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Fujifilm's FDR Cross C-Arm and Portable X-Ray

The FDR Cross is Fujifilm’s newly developed, hybrid c-arm and portable x-ray solution designed for intensive care, emergency room and intraoperative use. The unique system offers clinicians fluoroscopic and radiographic image capture in one single platform, while allowing for flexible positioning for radiographic images as seen with more traditional portable x-ray devices

Imaging Area Options

The FDR Cross offers up to twice the imaging area of standard c-arm solutions with detector sizes of up to 17×17 inches. Additional coverage allows for full field visualization throughout operating procedures, matching the coverage possible on pre and postoperative x-ray imaging. Smaller imaging areas can be selected on demand for reduced patient dose.

Fully Wireless Capability

Onboard battery power for up to 8 hours of completely wireless operation. Battery powered fluoroscopy and x-ray exposures removes the need for power mid-procedure for improved cable management in crowded OR’s while allowing for rapid repositioning for emergency and ICU use.

System Positioning

Unprecedented system maneuverability and mobility on an ultra-lightweight 549 pound platform. FDR Cross’ highly maneuverable design allows positioning for all core c-arm procedures while maintaining operator comfort that is over 150lbs lighter than regular compact c-arms. The added ability to offset the x-ray tube from the fluoroscopic detector housing allows for wireless x-ray imaging similar to a regular portable x-ray, including for mobile and even standing chest exams.

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