Is Refurbished Imaging Equipment Right for You?


The demand to either replace old or purchase new MRI or CT machines have skyrocketed in the past few years; as a result of the increase in the number of patients who want to undergo imaging for one reason or the other.  The question you might ask is whether refurbished imaging equipment is right for your practice. And this demand has brought about a lot of medical concerns as to the type of imaging machine that would get the job done brilliantly and faster, and still help cut costs by the side. Also, there are so many HealthCare practitioners and institutes are torn between purchasing either a used, new, or refurbished imaging machine. So is refurbished imaging equipment right for you?

                           Used, New, or Refurbished?

Choosing between the afore-mentioned types of imaging machines can be confusing, but to ease your confusion, the best of the three types of imaging machines is the refurbished machine.

                                  Care to Know Why?

It is very simple.

The refurbished machine, although it has been previously owned and used by a previous owner, has a lot of advantages over machines that are either new or used.

One of the advantages of purchasing refurbished MRI or CT machines is that it is an upgrade of what it used to be. This is as a result of the 5 stages of refurbishing that vendors such as Siemens and Philips.

These refurbishing stages include a total disassembling of the machine, running checks on the software/hardware parts, updating and replacement of parts, cleaning, disinfection, painting, and sealing to be launched.

Another advantage of a refurbished imaging machine overused/new is that it delivers faster and better.

The icing on the cake is that you can purchase an up-to-date, imaging machine for less than the $1.5 million machines that a new machine costs.

When you buy a refurbished machine, not only are you buying an upgraded machine for a lesser price, you are also saving money to cater to other expenses at your Healthcare facility.

Although, some folks might be of the opinion that purchasing a refurbished machine is synonymous to purchasing a used machine that has undergone a repainting.

But this is an erroneous belief because according to facts obtained from Siemens and as shared above; refurbishing an imaging machine goes beyond a paint job, as the machine which can be termed as “used”  in the real sense, goes through different stages through which involves a de-installment, cleaning, disinfection, painting, recoupling, replacements of spoilt parts and updates of hardware/software.

All of which are processes that help to re-launch the machine back into the market; as a better, warranted, upgraded, affordable, faster version of what it used to be.

As a result of these above-mentioned points, it is safe to say refurbished machines are your best at getting good value for your money’s worth.

And while you are planning your refurbished machine, endeavor to patronize credible and trustworthy vendors, so as not to end up paying a huge amount of money for a paint job.

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