4 Reasons Your Future Might Include a New C-Arm


With their growing applicability, C-Arms are poised to become an even more prominent healthcare tool in the coming years. So much so that your practice might very well be in the market for either a new one or another one sooner than you think.

Not sure about that? We are. Here are 4 reasons your future might include a new C-Arm.

                                  Regenerative Medicine

Regenerative medicine is on its way to becoming a $26 billion-per-year force in healthcare. The potential for stem cell and other regenerative medicine therapies to revolutionize treatment for disease, pain, and transplantable donor organ issues is real.

Interest in the field is clear and growing. For example, the previous 10 years saw a 40x increase in the number of publications per year on stem cell-related research. One such publication: news about a natural antibiotic called MSI-1436, seen initially as a potential treatment for diabetes and obesity but which may lead to the regeneration (healing and regrowth) of damaged body parts. Regenerative medicine techniques such as stem cell therapy treatments require injections that the imaging technology of the C-Arm makes possible.

                                      Pain Management

The nation’s ongoing opioid crisis broaches many topics. One of them is the prevalence of chronic pain and the efforts of patients to find some relief.

That relief may come in the form of treatments delivered with the use of a C-Arm, which is essential to aiding physicians in accessing precise areas within patients’ bodies.

Adding pain management services to your practice allows you to offer patients a vital service in-house, achieving greater control over the patient experience and making the entire process more convenient for them.

                                Hybrid Operating Rooms

Hybrid operating rooms are operating rooms that include imaging devices such as CT and MRI scanners as well as, you guessed it, fixed C-Arms.

The driving force behind hybrid operating rooms? Imaging tools such as these enable less invasive surgery. The medical field is working hard to get us to a time where all surgery achieves greater efficacy while being less traumatic to patients, enabling faster recovery times.


Some medical devices have a high barrier to entry for medical practices because of their size and cost. C-Arms, however, don’t require expansive spaces — a mobile C-Arm, for example, can likely fit into even the smallest examination room in your practice suite — and are more affordable than you might think, with relatively modest monthly patient treatment activity necessary to cover costs.

Selecting the right C-Arm also means less stress if it comes with a long-term warranty and lifetime capabilities such as image storage.

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