When to Buy or Rent a C-Arm


When to Buy or Rent a C-Arm

When should you buy or rent a C-Arm machine? You need a C-Arm machine, but you are not sure whether to rent or buy a new or used one. While it is vital to have the right tools for your needs, sometimes budgeting for said tools can be daunting. For medical imaging equipment like C-Arms, this is very true since the up-front cost of a purchase can be way more than you expected. Fortunately, there are other options available that may suit your needs. First, you must decide what will be the primary need and what budget you have in place. If you are looking to maintain your C-Arm or searching to test models, then renting a C-Arm is for you. If you have an immediate need with a brand and model in mind, you will want to buy a C-Arm. If you are looking to save money rather than spend it all, then a used or refurbished C-Arm machine is an excellent option for you. Keep on reading to discover when to buy or rent a C-Arm for your practice. 

Renting a C-Arm

Renting a C-arm is a good option if you would like to try a model out before you buy it, testing your market for a new procedure, or opening a new facility and need to increase your patient volume before committing to a purchase. Renting a C-arm is also perfect for research or short-term diagnostic imaging. The benefits of renting a C-Arm machine are not only financial but helps your practice determine if the money you make from having a C-Arm machine in your practice can help you finance or pay off the rental fee. For many hospitals, clinics, or private imaging centers, buying a new or used C-Arm requires large capital expenses. This capital investment may not be possible for some facilities. On the other hand, renting a C-Arm can be an attainable operating expense that fits into even modest budgets. 

The most significant value of renting is the low risk it carries. It brings the equipment you need into your facility, covers it with service support, and costs you only as long as you choose to keep it- all without touching your capital budget. Overall, renting a C-arm is for budgeting reasons; trying out different C-arms to select the right one to purchase, for temporary needs like a project, or your C-arm machine is out of service for repairs.

Buying a C-Arm

In contrast to renting, buying a C-Arm has many advantages as well as owning the equipment. If you are financing to buy a new or used C-arm, the imaging equipment will pay for itself and have a long lifespan. The benefits of purchasing a C-Arm also include tax incentives, and you can deduct for depreciation as well. If you have a proven patient volume and need for C-arm imaging technology, then your best bet is to buy a C-Arm. 

Buying a C-Arm is a good investment for you if you have headroom in your capital equipment budget, have confidence in the make and model you want, and you are equipping your facility to meet a long-term goal. If you can pay for the system upfront, you can save on the overall cost of acquiring it. You’ll also find that many C-Arm systems come with one-year parts, labor, and service agreements included. 

All in all, these are the following options that can fit your particular needs. For instance, if your need is temporary or your circumstances require flexibility, a short-term rental is the best bet. When your plans are set in stone, but revenue will take some time to ramp up, a long-term rental with the possibility of a purchase is a good option. And when you have a proven market, proven revenue, and more room to breathe on your capital, purchasing a C-Arm might be the right fit for you. 

Whether you are leaning towards renting or buying a C-Arm, we would love to assist you in the process! If you still aren’t sure what you should do, then feel free to contact us. We would love to customize a plan that will work for you.

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