When Should You Upgrade Your CT Scanner?


When Should You Upgrade Your CT Scanner?

You may be asking yourself, how long have I had this CT scanner? Do I need a new one? It can be problematic when deciding whether you need to upgrade your old CT scanner to a more recent version. You may have noticed that your competitors have upgraded theirs, or your CT scanner is not working at its best. Whatever the case may be, it is best to upgrade now before you experience more issues. But, when should you upgrade your CT scanner? 

Now, you’ve replaced parts for your CT scanner more times than you can remember. You could invest in repairing it. However, it may be more profitable in the long run to upgrade. Would you rather spend money on improving your old device or on an up to date one? If you’re having trouble deciding, it’s best to ask for an expert’s opinion on the case. At iRad, we have many experts who would be willing to assist you in the matter. Now, if your CT scanner is unable to meet your daily requirements, it is needless to say that an upgrade is due. You are only losing business and not living up to your patients’ expectations if you keep a CT scanner that does not work. It is best to upgrade to a more technically advanced and efficient piece of equipment to meet your needs.

We have noticed that many facilities postpone upgrading their imaging equipment. They often patch up issues in their old CT scanner instead of selling them and investing in brand new medical imaging equipment. Some find the task of purchasing new medical imaging equipment more burdensome than fixing up their old CT scanner frequently. If you feel the same way, then please call us and make the process straightforward.

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