What is Point Of Care Ultrasound?

What is Point Of Care Ultrasound?

What is Point Of Care Ultrasound? Also referred to as POCUS, it is the use of ultrasound for diagnostic and therapeutic applications. In this instance, it is conveniently wherever the patient is located. Because this could be bedside, ambulance or mobile transit, emergency room, urgent care or in the comfort of their home. Hence, being called Point Of Care Ultrasound. As a result, POCUS patients will no longer need to be moved to an imaging area. They will not need to wait for a report. For critically ill patients, it drastically reduces the time to react and get testing as quickly as possible.

Point Of Care Ultrasound can cater to the high-acuity patient allowing screening of complex comorbidities. It is often useful when examining shortness of breath, pneumothorax, and pleural effusion. When it comes to diagnosing bronchitis vs. asthma, Point Of Care Ultrasound has shown improved outcomes. There have also been improved therapeutic interventions, including joint injections and abscess drainage. POCUS helps in the diagnoses of pneumothorax and urinary retention.

iRad carries the following POCUS ultrasounds


Portable / New

Shared Service: Point of Care, Cardiac, General, MSK, Pain Med, Orthopedic


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Console / New

Shared Service: Cardiac/Vascular, General US, ObGYN

  • 21.5 in screen plus touch screen for ease of use
  • Auto calculations for EF and other measurements

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GE Vivid IQ

Portable / Refurbished

Shared Service: Point Of Care Ultrasound (POCUS)

  • 15.6” widescreen high resolution LCD monitor
  • Scan Assist Pro – EchoPAC* / Patient Archive Report / Report Designer

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