How to Extend the Lifespan of your MRI


How to Extend the Lifespan of your MRI

It is essential to understand the functionality of the MRI system and the service needed to extend its lifespan. However, it can also be overwhelming to comprehend the system’s ability to produce a clear diagnostic image. While some may have the skill set to service medical imaging equipment, it is better to seek assistance from a qualified professional to conduct monthly checks on your MRI machine. These monthly checks consist of ensuring the systems are clean, properly working, and that there are no RF leaks. MRI systems are complex and pricey, so it’s better to avoid the risk of further damage through effective MRI maintenance. Learn more about how to extend the lifespan of your MRI! 

Frequent Maintenance

When looking at maintaining your MRI machine, it is best to consider the system in sections and focus on each MRI part. It is also essential to understand how each piece impacts one another. First, when a magnet system is installed, several tests will be performed to ensure optimal performance. Once the MRI system is installed, daily quality checks are needed to monitor system performance. Since each manufacturer has their approach based on the make and model, it is up to the user to understand the basis of performing specific tests, calibrations, and troubleshooting.

The MRI system works because it obtains raw data through the interpretation of radio frequency information, and rooms must be shielded from external radio frequency signals. It should become a habit to inspect all areas of shielding. So be sure to check the door regularly to ensure shielding elements are intact and surfaces are clean. In addition to this, inspect the penetration panel to ensure that no cable connections or shielding plates have become loose during service. When radio frequency signals leak into the room, they can cause low-quality images and cost valuable time.

The maintenance on MRI magnets should ensure proper center frequency, maintaining suitable shim to provide homogeneity of the image, securing adequate cooling on the helium vessel, and overall mechanical condition. The main focus is to make sure all screws are tight and no components are out of place. The magnet does not shut down and will remain fully powered – even when the MRI system is not imaging. While magnets may last for a long time, MRI software upgrades are consistent, as advancements are continually happening. Even if you don’t have the latest promotions, it is necessary that your system is performing up to speed and all the components are working efficiently.

Stock Up on Helium

Recently, helium’s cost has risen between 50% and 100% (based on regional demand) and is expected to continue increasing. As helium has become limited and prices are going up, be sure to monitor helium fills for your system. It is suggested that you schedule more frequent helium fills if there is a shortage of helium. To keep costs down, try to have a contract with a cryogen supplier. It is also best to have a qualified technician to refill the helium.

Damage on MRI and Warranty

It is improbable for an MRI scanner to experience extensive damage because MRI’s do not hold movable parts like other medical imaging systems. Most damage to an MRI tends to be cosmetic. Usually, there is no wear and tear unless it is broken and burned. You can also repair the following cosmetic damages; paint, coils, and pad replacements. So, make sure your equipment has a good warranty or service contract, and know when it expires. If your system does not come with a warranty, be sure that your vendors are reputable and knowledgeable. They will be sure to direct you to qualified engineers when you experience any issues with the machine.

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