Autoclave Preventive Maintenance


Autoclave Preventive Maintenance

In today’s COVID world it has become even more important to keeping your medical equipment in proper working. The additional diligence that is required by COVID protects patients and staff. iRAD (Innovative Radiology Equipment Sales and Service) provides full parts and labor agreements as well as preventive maintenance services to ensure that autoclave units perform efficiently and to the manufacturer’s standards.

Preventative Maintenance for your Autoclave and other vital equipment in your facility ensures that the devices operate correctly. Of course, the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning protocols should be followed by your team of technicians and staff as per manufacturer’s instructions, iRad has developed Parts & Labor Service Agreements to help with monthly and annual maintenance. Our service agreements ensure your equipment works when it is needed and that readings are accurate.

What is included in Preventive Maintenance?

  • Each element of the system is cleaned
  • Filters are cleaned and replaced if needed (filter replacement is an additional cost unless specified in the contract)
  • Calibrating sensors and checking electrical components.
  • Any broken parts are noted for replacement and can be replaced by our team as well.

At the completion of the Preventative Maintenance a certificate is provided that equipment meets the standards specified by the manufacturer.

Do you require preventative maintenance for your autoclave and other vital imaging equipment? Reach out to us today and we will get it scheduled for you. Here at iRad, we offer lowest costs for preventative maintenance and affordable annual service plans for all of your medical imaging equipment.

“You Won’t Find Another Company That Provides This Type Of Service. . . Our team is committed to providing impeccable service that you deserve.” -Tim Miller & Tony Orlando, Founders of iRad

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