3 Things to Consider When Buying a CT

3 Things to Consider When Buying a CT Scanner

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a CT

Are you looking to replace an outdated CT with a top of the line new unit or a high caliber refurbished unit? First, you must know your clinical requirements, your budget, and your preferred model in that order. This order is the best order to gauge your equipment needs and is the best way to select your ideal system. Below are three things to keep in mind when buying a CT.

Technology and Specifications

The most common differentiator between systems is slice count. This count is determined by how many cross-sectional images the CT’s Gantry can construct in every. A 16 slice CT is the most common configuration system. This unit levels value and production and would be ideal for lower compacity clinics or general studies. Industry-standard is now a 64 slice CT. The heightened slice count allows for more modern scans to be performed and decreases scan times.

Slice counts are now being pushed even higher with premium systems with 128, 256, 320+ and counting versions. When advanced detectors and software options are combined, the systems can configure extremely detailed images.

The software set is the differentiator when it comes to Specs. The software can limit modern CT potential as much as the hardware can. The first step to understanding a clinic is finding the ideal balance between value and tech specifications.

Tube Type and Usage

The X-ray tube is the fuel of a CT. For every CT, this tube has a limited life span and replacing it is inevitable. Make, model and usage will be the factors to best determine the tube’s life expectancy. Typically, scan seconds or mAs is how usage is measured. 

Service and Support

When buying a CT, whether new or refurbished, that is just the first step in the process. Maintaining equipment is an essential second step. With a new CT, typically a one year labor and parts service is included in the price. With refurbished, the services are more flexible and treated more like line items.

Most buyers opt to add their refurbished system to a service contract that is already in place. Existing service contracts could be an Independent Service Provider (ISO), OEM service, or multi-vendor. With so many options out there, we can help select the best option for your equipment.

All of the following contracts each have their specific cost-benefit profile. For instance, the full service is a fixed price option that transfers all of the labor and expenses to the provider. In contrast, the parts only contract splits the risk with your organization by bearing the labor costs in exchange for a discount. Lastly, the time and materials contract is designed to get ahead of potential problems. Still, in the event where one occurs, you hold the financial responsibility for repairing the CT.

The iRad Difference


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iRad specializes in providing a personalized touch for medical facilities looking for the ease of a one-stop-shop paired with exceptional customer service, affordability, selection, and quality. As an ISO, we can deliver rapid response times to help you resolve any repair and maintenance issue for multiple makes and models of CT scanner equipment.

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