Pricing Options for MRI


Is it time for your facility to acquire an MRI? With so many options in the market, where do you begin? First, you need to ask yourself the following. Do you want to differentiate yourself in the market and bring in the most effective MRI to your patients? Or, are you looking for the best value and only need to satisfy your core imaging needs? 

Are you doing your research to find out how much an MRI costs? Whatever the case may be, here are current available pricing options for an MRI.

What pricing options are available?

Lease or Purchase Refurbished

If you are looking to lower your MRI costs, buying or leasing refurbished equipment will drive significant savings. The most significant advantage of purchasing refurbished is that you will gain ownership of the MRI. This is also true when the device has a long useful life and is not likely to become technologically outdated in the future. This makes current MRI technology readily accessible at a fraction of the cost! 

How much does an MRI cost?

MRI are one of the most expensive pieces of diagnostic imaging equipment today. You may be wondering how much an MRI. The cost of an MRI will depend on configuration, software package, and options. A new MRI will range between one to two million dollars. In contrast, a refurbished machine will run between two hundred thousand to seven hundred thousand. Necessary installation and U.S shipping will typically be included in the total price of the MRI.

Additionally, a one-year parts & labor service agreement is generally added to the new MRI  cost.  A third party can also provide the service, or you can select your service provider. While there are multiple options, we are here to help you make the best decision for your practice. Give us a call today to learn more!

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